In Defense of Hallmark Films

I recently watched two romance comedies, and the difference was striking enough that I had to write about it. The films were Home Again (2017) and Falling For Christmas (2016). Home Again was a “modern” rom com—so modern, in fact, that there isn’t a clear romance. The main character (played by Reese Witherspoon) is a mom who spends the film trying to decide if she … Continue reading In Defense of Hallmark Films

My Favorite Books, and Why They Change

The conversation question I both love and hate is: “What is your favorite book?” As a bookworm, it’s impossible to pick just one. But I also read so many books that my list of favorites does occasionally change. I used to think that was a problem—after all, shouldn’t your favorite books stay favorites forever? But as I’ve developed as a human, Christian and reader, I’ve … Continue reading My Favorite Books, and Why They Change

Why Too Many Fantasy Heroes are Overpowered

Why Fantasy Heroes Have Too Much Power

I’ve recently grown tired of main characters with too much power. My husband inadvertently gave me a term for this (it’s a video game term): Overpowered. In a video game, if you have a character who is too powerful, it makes the game unfair because it’s either too easy (if your character is overpowered), or too hard (if it’s another character). Too many popular fantasy … Continue reading Why Fantasy Heroes Have Too Much Power

Top 10 Reads of 2017

Hi all! As this is the last day of 2017, here is a highlight of my favorite reads this year. My reading goal on Goodreads for 2017 was 80 books, and I managed to read 91. Of those 91 books, all but two were in my five favorite genres: fantasy (42%), historical fiction (16%), classic literature (16%), contemporary fiction (13%), and non-fiction (8%). A little heavy … Continue reading Top 10 Reads of 2017

Book Review: A Million Junes

I read A Million Junes through Penguin Publishing’s First to Read program. The book comes out on May 16. Imagine a Sarah Dessen novel—filled with serious questions and teenage vulnerabilities—paired with a collection of American tall tales. Now mix it all up into the Romeo and Juliet story, and the result is A Million Junes by Emily Henry. Synopsis June O’Donell and her family live on a “thin place” of … Continue reading Book Review: A Million Junes

The Wanderers: Introspective People Who Don’t Go to Mars

I recently joined Penguin Publishing’s program called First To Read, which allows reviewers and bloggers to read books before they come out. The first book I’ve read through the program is The Wanderers, a literary fiction novel by Meg Howrey that comes out on March 14. Here’s my review. Synopsis: The book is about three astronauts who complete a 17-month “test run” of a Mars landing, … Continue reading The Wanderers: Introspective People Who Don’t Go to Mars

February Bookstagram Challenge!

Welcome to the #booklovefebruary challenge! If you’re coming over from Instagram or Simona’s blog, welcome! We’re super excited to be co-hosting this February challenge together. Here are the daily prompts, along with a few ideas: February TBR: Your To Be Read list for this month—what books do you want to get through in February? Book and Beverage: What’s your favorite drink to sip in February? … Continue reading February Bookstagram Challenge!