Spreading the Platform: Medium.com

I’m starting to blog on a new platform: Medium.com! This came about because I recently sat down with the new marketing director at my magazine company, and he gave me some pointers for my own personal brand. One of them was to split my blog time between my own website (here) and Medium, which provides access to ready-made readers. So I’ll still continue to post … Continue reading Spreading the Platform: Medium.com

World building: introducing a new world

World Building: How to Bring a Reader Down the Rabbit Hole

I both read and write fantasy fiction, and one of the aspects I love the most about the genre is the world-building. The author gets to create his or her own world—come up with everything from biology and astronomy to scientific laws and the government system. There are a few different ways to introduce a new world to the reader, and the method often determines … Continue reading World Building: How to Bring a Reader Down the Rabbit Hole

5 Grammar Mistakes to Never Make Again

5 Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

I make a living writing and editing words—so naturally, I care about grammar. Why does it matter? You want your writing to look professional, whether you’re turning in an academic paper, a resume, a legal report or an email to your boss. Grammar mistakes reflect poorly on you. So here are five common mistakes that make me grimace, and how you can correct them. 1. I … Continue reading 5 Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make Again


5 Patriotic Reads for July

Happy 4th of July! In honor of our country’s birth, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite American literature works. I’m not typically an American lit. person—I like European literature better—but there are definitely some American books I’ve read and loved. If you’re looking for ways to think about our country this July, here are my top five favorites. The Help by Kathryn Stockett … Continue reading 5 Patriotic Reads for July


Is Character Development Necessary?

When we talk about a good story—whether book, movie or TV show—one of the quality criteria we often put forward is character development. What we mean by this is that the characters should grow to become better people over the course of the story arc. This makes sense. We want our heroes to learn something, to become stronger and braver and wiser. But that doesn’t … Continue reading Is Character Development Necessary?


Odysseus Goes to Mordor

I recently read a blog post over at Fantasy Faction in which Max Freeman argues that the classic literature students have to read in school is boring and often has no character development. He suggests that schools might be better off reading newer, more interesting books such as fantasy and scifi. I like Max’s idea of introducing “new blood” into high school and college reading lists—to a certain degree. With … Continue reading Odysseus Goes to Mordor

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10 Tips I Wish I Heard Before My Wedding

  It’s wedding season! Daniel and I are in 3 weddings this summer, on top of the others we’re attending, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, etc. I’ve been thinking about what advice I might give to friends who are in the wedding planning season. When I was planning my own wedding, I read through hundreds of articles—everything from how to pick the right registry items … Continue reading 10 Tips I Wish I Heard Before My Wedding