The First Post

So I’ve started a blog. The username and password are there, I’ve come up with a fun title, and even picked a background design.

Now I have to start writing.

What constitutes a blog subject? I guess I could talk about anything: the guacamole and chips I ate for dinner last night, the new shoes I bought last week for 50% off, or my secret desire to fly to the moon. I could even talk about other people’s blogs, and how they inspire me.

I like Maria Vontrapp’s idea. I think I’ll start by talking about beginnings.

What does it mean to begin something? Some beginnings are fun and exciting: reading a new book, opening a new gift (starting a new blog). Others come with some trepidation, like trying a new food for the first time or traveling into a foreign country.

Often times, a new beginning means that something else has ended. You can only start college after you’ve graduated high school, and now you’re leaving the safety of having known everyone since kindergarden. A wedding is the beginning of marriage, but the end of singleness, which means that someone else can eat all the ice cream or forget to replace the toilet paper in the bathroom.

And just because you begin something doesn’t mean you will follow through with it. I have a pile of journals I’ve started that contain writing in the first ten pages and a bunch of nothing after that. A waste of perfectly good trees. And how many New Year’s resolutions do people commit to every year, only to fail in mid-February and make the same resolution the next year?

So what do I say about beginnings now, at the christening of my new blog? Something that Jesus said keeps popping into my head: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39) The Christian idea of death and life: in order to fully live in Christ, we must die to ourselves–to our selfish desires and minute independence. Once we die to ME, then we can truly live in the freedom of Christ. The rain must end before the sun comes out; a seed must die in the ground before it can sprout.

Perhaps this subject of beginnings and endings–life and death–is not so very relevant to starting a new blog. But on the other hand, perhaps it is most relevant. It’s good to be reminded of the end in the beginning. Weddings, just as much as funerals, remind me of death, and the true life that comes after it.

Beginnings and endings. Life and death. Discovering magic in it all.


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