A fairy garden tour

Imagine a bright, fresh morning in the middle of May. You step out into your backyard to view the grass glinting with dew, flowers bobbing their bright heads, and trees whispering softly in a light breeze. A bird sings somewhere nearby. It’s a perfect morning with fresh air and sunshine.

You see movement amidst a clump of purple lobelia in the corner. A flash of color, and it’s gone. You wonder what it was–a bird? A lizard?

There it is again. You start–that definitely wasn’t a lizard. Whatever it is, it has wings. You’re watching the garden carefully now. You see it again, peeping out at you from behind an impatien. You can’t believe your eyes.

You’ve just seen a fairy.

Welcome to my fairy garden, where small pixies peer out from behind leaves and tend to the plants. An ongoing project, the garden began as a 13-year-old’s dream and has grown as I have matured. Have a look around. I’ll put more pictures up in future posts.

While most of the garden is flat, the tree in the middle provides some nice shade during the summer and a perfect home for the fairies.

The fairies get their water from the small stream that bounces its way through the garden, pooling in a small pond to the left of the tree. A few of the fairies love to sit next to it and admire their own reflections.

The Hawthorn fairy guards the garden with his careful look-out. Don’t you wonder who will emerge from the tree house next?

Fairies need bridges, too. This one spans the blue stream, and the lime tree fairy sits above it, enjoying cool splashes on her feet.

The white picket fences that border the garden keep the fairies safe from unwanted visitors. The gate is open today, though, so newcomers are welcome!


One thought on “A fairy garden tour

  1. I have been the fortunate observer of the fairy garden from my perch at the kitchen window. I love the changing scene as the weather heats and cools and you fill in the garden with beautiful plants. Thank you for enhancing my dish-washing days!

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