My Writing Debut in England

Wycliffe Hall

I’ve never enjoyed talking to strangers on the phone.

So I was a little panicked when I left the Oxford Student newspaper meeting last Friday with an assignment to write a news article, due Monday at 3:00 pm. I had never written a news article before, was a foreigner in the country, and knew nothing about the assignment they gave me.

I also had to call lots of people for comments (the UK term for quotes).

I am pleased to say that the world didn’t come to an end—I got the article done, and it is now published for everyone to see.

I’ll post the link to the article below, but first, some notes: yes, they spelled my name wrong—the sad result of having a long and difficult last name.

Second, some background information: St. Hugh’s is one of the 40+ colleges that make up Oxford University. This system works somewhat like the US did under the Articles of Confederation: each college is its own separate entity, but they are all loosely united together for convenience. Each college has its own buildings, its own sports teams, its own library.

What does this mean? I attend Wycliffe Hall, have never been to St. Hugh’s, and would never have a class at St. Hugh’s. But I could attend a general English lecture with St. Hugh’s students, could be in a choir with them, and we can all use the Bodleian library. It’s rather confusing—the US has nothing similar—but it all works.

Here’s the link online:


2 thoughts on “My Writing Debut in England

  1. Ahh, I remember writing for the New U newspaper – UCI’s student paper, so named because we were the newest UC campus. Do they have a paper version as well or is it all online? Great job, Victoria!

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