Monthly Reads: July

August already—that means the 4th of July was almost a month ago. Time is racing away. As for the reading I did in July, there were some major highs and lows. Thankfully, the highs outweighed the lows, which made the whole experience worthwhile.


Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

My favorite part about fantasy novels is participating in the world the author creates, and the world of Written in Red is well worth the read. It’s similar to our own, but is ruled instead by the Others, shape shifters who were the original inhabitants of the world. When a human with her own unique powers comes to live with a group of the Others, suddenly the strict lines between humans and Others blur as both sides realize goodness in the other. I just downloaded next installment of this trilogy onto my Kindle, and it will be the next book I read.

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By Darkness Hid and To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson

Genre: Fantasy, Christian

A young boy has grown up as the nobody servant of a minor noble, but his situation changes rapidly when he discovers that he can speak to others with his mind. I didn’t realize this was a Christian series until I was about halfway through the first book. Very sneaky. Not that I mind Christian fiction, but too often, it’s poorly written. Thankfully, this author is a good writer, which makes the series worth reading. Her world isn’t the most original—it’s classic medieval-styled fantasy—but still entertaining. I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion.


Cold Case Christianity by Jim Wallace

Genre: Christian apologetics

Jim Wallace is a cold case homicide detective, which means that he solves old murders the police department has been unable to resolve for years. He has to use inductive reasoning, logic, and good sleuthing skills to sniff out the murderer. He takes these same skills and applies them to Christianity—would the claims of the religion hold up as a cold case? A fantastic read.


The Gathering, The Calling, and The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

This trilogy was a quick read for middle school or high school age readers. A girl discovers she can shape-shift into a cougar, and that her other friends are starting to exhibit strange  abilities too. Entertaining, but doesn’t have a ton of depth.  I probably wouldn’t recommend the series.


Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

I don’t often see mermaid books on the market, so I thought I’d give this one a try. Wrong choice. Not much happened with the plot, and the writing was very poor. The author was trying to make the characters sound like middle school students, so she inserted a boat-load of “likes,” “totallys,” and “ums” into her dialog, which drove me crazy. The main character had some good depth, but that was the book’s only redeeming quality. I definitely won’t be continuing on with this series.

No literature books this month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading it. I’m about 1,000 pages into Les Miserables, and will hopefully finish it before the end of August! As for my favorite book this month, I’d have to go with Written in Red. It’s one of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in a while.

Question: Have you finished any books this month? If so, which ones? Post a comment!


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