February Bookstagram Challenge!


Welcome to the #booklovefebruary challenge! If you’re coming over from Instagram or Simona’s blog, welcome! We’re super excited to be co-hosting this February challenge together. Here are the daily prompts, along with a few ideas:

  1. February TBR: Your To Be Read list for this month—what books do you want to get through in February?
  2. Book and Beverage: What’s your favorite drink to sip in February? Share a photo of it with a book from your shelf.
  3. Never-aging book: Give classic literature some love in this post.
  4. Favorite genre: This can be a single book or a stack of spines that all come from your favorite genre.
  5. #currentlyreading: What are you reading right now?
  6. Best villain: Who’s the villain that you pity, or really love to hate?
  7. Favorite OTP: OTP is “One True Pairing.” This can be your favorite couple, girl gang, friendship, mother-daughter relationship, or any other kind of character pairing.
  8. Favorite male character: What male character do you have a crush on, or would you like as a real-life friend?
  9. Character who would save the day: Which character would you want at your back if you found yourself in their book? Or who would you want to pull into the real world if we suddenly had an apocalypse?
  10. Bookstagram made me buy it: This can be a book, book box or any other bookish merchandise you just couldn’t resist.
  11. All the hype!: What’s the book just can’t wait for this year, or one you waited for in 2016 that fulfilled your expectations?
  12. Realm you’d like to visit: What fantasy or science fiction world would you want to visit on your next vacation?
  13. Heroine you’d like for a BFF: This can be a kick-ass character, a sweet friend or anyone in between.
  14. Favorite romance novel: Happy Valentine’s Day! What romance novel tempts you to read it every year?
  15. Your only book on a desert island: You’re stuck on a desert island, and you only get one book. What would it be?
  16. A book that made you cry: Maybe you cried because a character died, or because a situation was unfair, or because you were laughing so darn hard.
  17. #bookishrainbow: This can be a rainbow spiral, book grid, or any other shape with a variety of colored books.
  18. Auto-buy author: Who do you automatically go to the bookstore for when they release a new book?
  19. Beautiful spires: This can be a book tower, book spiral, or an illustrated book image or cover with a spire (think castles).
  20. #covercrush: What book cover do you just want to stare at all day long?
  21. Kick-ass girls: If you had to go into a fight with a heroine in a book, who would it be?
  22. Once upon a time: Have a favorite fairy tale retelling?
  23. The royal family: Feature a book with royalty in it, whether it’s a fantasy, romance or even a biography.
  24. Diverse books: This can be a side-by-side comparison of two diverse books you love, or a book in a genre you don’t normally read.
  25. Book and flowers: Any book, any flower! The flower of February birthdays is a violet, and Valentine’s Day is often associated with roses.
  26. All the feels: This can be another book that made you cry, or one you  love so much you want to keep it under your pillow at night.
  27. Best read of February: What was your favorite read of the month?
  28. February wrap-up: This can be your February book haul, your February read list, your bookish merch haul or any other way to wrap up the moth.

Each week, we’ll give a shout out to our four favorite posts of the week. We also thought it would be fun to include a little something extra, so we’ve designed a bookmark with our challenge hashtag. It’s totally free, so just download it, print it out and use it in your pictures with us this month! Happy reading 🙂

Book Love February bookmark


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