My name is Victoria, and I love good writing—whether by myself or someone else. I am the editor of American Farmhouse Style magazine, and work with other titles such as Romantic Homes and Cottages and Bungalows. Besides reading and writing, I spend a lot of time cycling, crafting, and cuddling with my two boys (my husband and our cat Strider).

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One thought on “About

  1. Wow!

    What a mind-blowing site.

    That’s a very impressive list of books you have reviewed, Victoria. I enjoyed reading through your post “Why You Should Listen to Communists”. It’s catchy, the way you wrote this (I’m surprised the book’s publishers didn’t think of it), and having gone through it I can see you’ve delved deeply into the issues raised by Marx.

    I don’t have anything as in depth to offer as an argument, but you might crack a smile at my post, “An Author’s Toys.”

    I look forward to your visit, and please leave a comment so we can ‘chat’.

    Happy reading,

    Alex George
    Author of Under the Dragon’s Claw

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