The Brilliance of the British Tutorial System

In American universities, classes are often very passive—students come in, listen to the teacher speak, receive an assignment, turn it in, and get it back with a grade. Some teachers have too many students to spend time personally looking over all the homework, and a student assistant grades most of it. By the end of the semester, the teacher may or may not know the … Continue reading The Brilliance of the British Tutorial System

A Weekend Jaunt to Paris

One of the greatest challenges I’ve faced this term has been trying to find the right balance between the “studying” and “abroad” parts of the trip. I’m here at Oxford University—one of the most prestigious undergraduate institutions in the world—but I’m also half way across the globe in a foreign country, and I want to explore. London is an hour away by bus, Wales and … Continue reading A Weekend Jaunt to Paris

Translations into British

Whoever argues that Americans and Brits speak the same language are mistaken. True, we both communicate with the same words, but the subtle differences between British and American English make a huge difference in meaning. Take the word “pants,” for example. In the US, this word refers to clothing items that are worn around the legs—jeans, leggings, shorts, slacks, sweats. In England, however, pants refer … Continue reading Translations into British