5 Fantasy Books You Should Read

Welcome to the 5×5 post series—five posts that explore five books in five different genres. Over half of the 80 books I’ve read this year have been fantasy, so we’ll start there. I’m going to skip over some of my favorite series such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings because most people already know about them. These are books you might not know about, but … Continue reading 5 Fantasy Books You Should Read

Writing News

My apologies for the long silence. Am I still writing? Yep. Just not blog posts—for the moment. Here’s why: Just about a month ago, I finished writing the first draft of my fantasy novel! It clocked in at 122,000 words, which is a little longer than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, to give you a reference. Since then, I’ve begun the somewhat-arduous process of editing. … Continue reading Writing News

Learn how to decipher Russian names in films or literature.

How to Decipher Russian Names

I’m currently on a Russian literature kick—I finished Crime and Punishment this weekend and just started War and Peace via audiobook. There’s so much about classic Russian literature I love, but the names drive me crazy. Each character seems to have  five different names, and the narrator changes which name he uses depending on the situation. Multiply this by 30+ characters in each novel, and you’ve got … Continue reading How to Decipher Russian Names

Spreading the Platform: Medium.com

I’m starting to blog on a new platform: Medium.com! This came about because I recently sat down with the new marketing director at my magazine company, and he gave me some pointers for my own personal brand. One of them was to split my blog time between my own website (here) and Medium, which provides access to ready-made readers. So I’ll still continue to post … Continue reading Spreading the Platform: Medium.com